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    Rue Mevlana is a synth--pop group based out of Burlington, Vermont. Often called, "the rue crew" by friends & fans. Named after a random street in Belgium. The group formed in 2005 and began writing & staging very unique performance pieces . In 2007, Rue Mevlana released their first album Drop the F Bomb, followed by Bats & Bees in 2009, Synthetic Emotion in 2012 & Pop Corn in 2015. In October 2018 a double vinyl collection of newly mixed & remastered songs titled Mythology  will be available.


    The Rue Crew are known for their elaborate, multimedia stage shows. Their shows offer an abundance of fashion, glam, sex, schmaltz, humor, horror  and are occasionally sociopolitical in nature, yet always fun entertainment. They are often a staple at the annual “Winter is a Drag Ball” benefit for the VT people with AIDS coalition.


Nate Jarvis grew up living a transient childhood. In the late 1990's Nate taught himself how to play keyboard and eventually had enough money to purchase his first of several synthesizers. He then began writing & producing electronic music. In the early 2000's Nate began performing his compositions in theatrical drag performances at dance clubs & bars under the pseudonym Biba. In 2004 he formed Phantasmagoria which eventually morphed into the Rue Mevlana crew.  He is also an actor and has appeared in several films, plays & musicals including; Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Silent Invasion & Icon. In addition Nate engineers sound design for musical artists, theatrical productions, radio & video. He resides in the small hamlet of Burlington, Vermont with his handsome dog.


Rebecca started writing and performing original music as a teenage singer-songwriter in the mid 1990's, and soon after co-created the bands Fig and School (with Meghan Chase and Matthew Gray, respectively). After meeting Nathan Jarvis in 1994, the two began to create like-minded musical videos, film shorts, and full-length movies including "Euphoria And Poultry" and "Dangerous Dust In The Lint", neither of which were received positively by any critical source. Rebecca relocated to study music theory at college and in the next 2-3 years began to perform and produce with the earliest incarnations of Rue Mevlana. Since 2005, Rebecca has performed in nearly every Rue show, with a brief hiatus to give birth to her son, John, in 2010, and still actively writes & performs on Rue's album releases. She likes to play ukulele, sing fake opera, and collect old, tacky things. 

Carmen Monoxide

Allison Rose Spiekermann is a patent-holding IT Architect and the founder and creative director of Nail Pattern Boldness, an independent nail polish company that specializes in unique and innovative products to help both amateur and professional nail polish enthusiasts get more out of every manicure. She is the inventor of GlitterFood, a specially designed topcoat for rough finishes, and Glitter-A-Peel, a peel-off base coat for easy removal of tenacious polishes. Allison also wrote a book, Homemade Nail Polish, published in 2014 by Ulysses Press. When she's not in the lab mixing or at her computer, she performs with and designs costumes & fashions for Rue Mevlana. She lives with her husband & two children in Jericho, Vermont.

Baby Doll

Hannah Wall grew up in New England & has been performing music since birth. From hippy campfires in the 70’s to church choirs in the 80’s to rock and pop bands in the 90’s and 2000’s, she lives and breaths music.  Hannah met Nathan Jarvis through mutual comrade Allison Bannister in the early aughts. She performed in the Phantasmagoria and the earliest incarnation of the Rue crew. The rest is Rue Mevlana history.

Hannah plays keyboards, guitar, bass and has a penchant for writing lilting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. She has also performed & recorded with the bands The Hero Cycle, Dialogue For Three, My First Days On Junk and The Magogs. In addition Hannah has collaborated with fellow musical artists such as Colin Clary & James Kochalka. Hannah has also dabbled moderately in theater and film as an actor.


Shelby (Michelle) Ferland- AKA Sha’Dynasty, grew up in the village of East Montpelier, Vermont in the 70’s. The daughter of a mother who loves to sing and dance, and a father who was a high school music teacher, Shelby was surrounded by music and a variety of instruments. She began by playing the clarinet and moved on to study classical piano.
In high school she had a passion for singing and joined a specialty acapella group featuring rich, tight harmonies that challenged the ear to maintain pitch accuracy while not sacrificing emotion.
After a brief stint at Berklee College of Music in Boston Shelby went on to try to find her way in the world of responsibility and figure out what she wanted to do with her life. After much soul searching (and lots of marijuana) she became a hair stylist in Burlington, Vermont, where kismet put her in the wake of Nathan Jarvis; creator and producer of Rue Mevlana. Since 2005, thanks to the Rue Crew, Shelby is grateful to have the opportunity to reignite her love of music and performing. Rue is a collection of the most talented, fun, and loving people imaginable and she considers it an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Mevlana magic.

Marya Vallejos

Marya began playing violin at age 9, later switching to viola as a teenager. She trained classically throughout her education in the public school system. She briefly attended music school at CU, Boulder and realized the unfriendly, highly competitive world of classical music was not to her liking. She began working at Sunset Recording Studio in Denver, Co as an assistant sound engineer. In 1998 Marya moved to Burlington, VT and began playing music with bands for various theatrical performances. After getting a taste in the world of musical improvisation, she joined her first band, Cheap Wine Quartet.  In addition to playing Gypsy/Eastern European music she has played in several other groups of various genres ranging from jazz, folk, punk, post rock and electro glam pop. Marya has performed with and recorded for Swale, Myra Flynn, the Spielpalast Cabaret Band and Rue Mevlana. She also assists with post production and mixing on The Rue M. albums. She plays bass, drums, piano and  likes to dance, a lot!

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